Samudri Mataji Nu Temple


Samudri Mataji Nu Temple


There are many Goddesses living in the ocean, but the mother of the ocean that is inhabited by the ocean on earth is called Sundari Bhavani …

The name of the village is named ‘Sundari Bhavani’ after this name of ……….

The legend of Pandavas is associated with this temple from the Kanva Rishi before the Mahabharata period! Here are the stones of Brahmasilah and Dharmashilah, even the Kanyak stones are worshiped! In ancient times, this land of great sage-munees and the incarnation of the incarnate yugas and the priceless valor of religion-pratyatma was the sea in the past in Sundari village and this was the main center for shipping. There was a dense forest near here! Kanvamuni used to pray here in Satyug, so that Kanva Muni celebrated the sea for the protection of this place, Maa Bhavani (mother Samudri) was delighted and came out of the sea and rode her vehicle on the lion.

According to one legend, Shakuntala, daughter of Rishi Vishwamitra and Apsara Maneka, was raised in this Kankhavala, and the name of which is called the country of India from the name of Mahapakrrami Bharat, was born at the same place by a combination of King Dushyant and Shakuntala. Even today as a list of this story, it is situated near the small shrine of Shri Kanveshwar Mahadev.
Sundari Bhavani Mataji is a descendant of many castes, but Vikram Samvat had renovated the temple of Mother Samudritya in 1987, Das Sorathia Vaniik Amarchand Madhavji Vaidya. In 1930, when the temple was operated by Shri Shankar Bhumanand Swami, in 1930 and 1938, Maharaja Ghanshyamsam gave 15,122 gauges of land at 1008 rupees. Hence, this temple is spread over a large space

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