What is the common man insurance plan?


A few years ago, the Government of India had collected two insurance plans like ‘Aadmi Insurance Scheme’ and ‘Janshree Bima Yojna’. Now this scheme is referred to as ‘Aadmi Insurance Scheme’ (AABY – AABY).

The purpose of this scheme is to provide an insurance cover to the people living below the poverty line. Benefits of this scheme are also available on living above the poverty line but also persons with very poor economic status (Identified vocational groups / landless people). People who come in this scheme’s scheme get a sum insured of Rs 30,000 per annum on the premium of Rs 200 only. The only condition for this is that the person in whose name is insured should be the only earning person of the family. The important thing is that the government pays 50% of the insurance premium for the homeless people of the village. The scheme runs for the old document if it has the following proof. Ration card, birth certificate, school certificate, voter list, identity card issued by government department, support card

Source: Gram Development Agencies

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