Jyoti Gramoday Vikas Yojana

Under the Jyoti Gramin Vikas Yojana of the government, 3-phase electricity supply to the state’s villages are provided for 24 hours. As a result, the rural people have provided new opportunities for livelihoods in their own village, setting up new industries, setting up of rural areas and setting up rural industries.

In the Jyoti Gramin Vikas Yojana (Margin Money Scheme), the level of income and earning entrepreneurship in the rural population is high and the individual workers / entrepreneurs / self-help groups in the city having a population of 20000 or less, in order to create more new ways of employment for rural unemployed youth. District Industry Center for new projects worth Rs.1 lakh and up to Rs.25 lakh Loan application by the bank recommends the bank lending through the bank is recommended.


Age: The beneficiary should be 25 to 50 years of age.
Educational Qualification: Standard 10 pass and one-year experience of fixed business.
Income: There is no limit.
Loan Limit:

The loan from the bank will be approved for the productive new project worth Rs.1 lakh and upto Rs.25 lakh.
The cost of the project for the purpose of this scheme includes plant cost, machinist cost and maximum working capital of 10% of the total operational cost. Project cost will not include land and building construction cost.
Plan and machinery investment for project activity is at least Rs. There must be five lakhs.
Financial support

Loan amount
Ancestry / Anu Tribe / Female / People / Maize / Ma. Soldier other
1 upto 10 lakhs 30 percent 25 percent
2 Rs 10 lakh to Rs 25 lakh 30% of Rs 10 lakh + 10% of the remaining amount 25% of 10 lakh + 10% of the remaining amount
After the payment of the full amount of the loan sanctioned from the bank branch, the margin money received from the bank will be kept as a reserve deposit of the Government in the name of the borrower in the name of the borrower for two years. After two years, the unit manager, who is successfully running the unit, will be certified by the district industry center to certify the bank. Then the bank margin money can be deposited in the bank’s account.

Contact: Associated District Industry Center

Application form: On this website and through the respective District Industry Center

JyotiGram Development Plan Bank Loan Margin Assistance Application
Resolution: Resolution of Jyoti Grameen Vikas Yojana – Ta: 7-9-2015

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