Shri Vajpayee Bankable Scheme

Shri Vajpayee Bankable Scheme

Scheme of financial loan / assistance to the workers of the cottage industry by nationalized banks, cooperative banks, public sector banks, private banks

(1) Purpose: – The scheme aims to provide self employment to the unemployed people of the urban and rural areas of Gujarat. A disabled or blind person can also take advantage of this scheme.

(2) Eligibility of the Scheme:

1. Age 18 to 65 years

2. Educational Qualification: At least standard-4 (four) pass or

Training / Experience: At least 3 months of training from a private organization relevant to the profession or a government approved institution must be trained at least one month or one year business experience or a family worker.

3. Income is not the limit.

(3) Maximum loan ceiling through bank:

(1) Maximum ₹8 lakh for industry sector.

(Ii) Maximum of `8 lakhs for service sector.

(3) Maximum ₹8 million for the trade sector.

(4) Rate of assistance on loan amount: The rate of assistance for industry, services and trade sector under the scheme will be as follows.

Area General Category Scheduled Caste / Scheduled Tribe / Maj Gen / Female / 40% or more blind or disabled
Rural 25% 40%
Urban 20% 30%

(5) Maximum limit of assistance:

Sr. field assistance limit (amount in rupees)
1 Industry ₹ .1,25,000
2 service ₹ .1,00,000
3 General Category Category Trade ₹60,000
Rural ₹75,000
Reserve category urban / rural ₹80,000
Note: In case of blind or disabled beneficiaries, maximum assistance for any sector will be Rs.1,25,000 / -.


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