Handmade plans

Announcement plan for 1 Handicap Apex organizations

Under this scheme, the state’s top handicrafts and handicrafts corporation will be widely sold in handloom fabrics and to increase the employment of handmade weavers with those organizations, to participate in the demonstration outside the state and outside the state, for promotion of sale of handmade fabrics and for advertisement for handlooms. That support is provided to hold the conference.

Eligibility: –

Associations attached to the Apex Organization
Weavers connected to the Gujarat State Handloom and Craft Development Corporation.

Financial Assistance: –

(A) To participate in the Handicraft show (1) Rs 70 thousand per display to participate in the exhibition within the state
(Ii) Rs.1.50 lakh per exhibit to participate in the exhibition outside the state
(B) Rs.1.00 lakh (annual) for advertisement and promotion
(A) Rs.25 thousand (annual) for camp or conference
Contact: Commissioner, Cottage and Village Office
2 Mill Gate Price Plan

Most of the state’s handmade weavers cooperatives and APEC establishments use the Mill’s West Surplus patrol to buy. As a result, the required quantity of pigtail can not be available and due to the West potha, the quality of the product is not available in the market. The effect of which is that the handshake falls on the weavers’ jobs. It is necessary to maintain their employment as handshake weavers are under Scheduled Caste and economically poor and under poverty line. In order to make quality qualitative product for handmade weavers, the scheme of providing assistance on the basis of quality has been implemented.

Financial assistance

N.H.D.C. If 10% of the purchase of dry paddy is available in the form of Hank yarn from the approved depot. Presently, Gujarat State Handloom & Craft Development Corporation Ltd. Under the Gandhinagar Mill Gate Price Scheme, NHDC has depot depot. From whom the organization / organization NHDC Can buy 10% less than the price of the sutar.
Government Resolution

10% special compensation during the state government festivals on the sale of 3 handmade fabrics

During festivals, it is decided to provide returns during special festivals for 120 days for the purpose of raising sales and staying competitive in the market. The purpose of this scheme is to provide the maximum benefit to the state’s handmade societies at the cost of the goods manufactured by them and to provide compensation to the societies that can survive the competition. Also, the benefits of this plan are to reach the weavers and develop their work skills.

Financial aid

10% assistance is available on sale of handlooms during the days of 120 days fixed by Commissioner, Kutir and Gramogong, Gujarat State, Gandhinagar.

Contact: District Industries Center of that district
Government Resolution

4 Handmade planes for handicrafts

The handshake weavers produce on the old styling school. As a result, we can not produce good quality. Therefore, the purpose of this scheme is to give a unique school to the trousers of weavers. The purpose of the scheme is to create a better quality of handmade weavers by offering an excellent school with good value for their own produce and withstand market competition. Under this scheme, a grant of Rs.2622 (which includes 65% ie Rs.14,054.30 subsidy and 35% ie 7567.70 handloom weaver contribution), under the scheme of the Commissioner, Kutir and Grameong, Will be provided.

Contact: District Industries Center of that district

Government Resolution

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