Dipika Ranveer Wedding photo released On Official

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The nation’s eyes have been pinned on Ranveer Singh and Deep .. 

Deepika Padukone’s wedding for the past few days and the pop .. 


So good to see Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh again! The couple are back in the bay after their Italy wedding and have already reached Ranveer’s residence in Mumbai. After their stint with the paparazzi at the airport, Ranveer and Deepika patiently met the photographers outside Ranveer’s residence. The newlyweds touched down in Mumbai on Sunday morning and were photographed being escorted by heavy security through the airport. The new bride wore a cream suit paired with a silk red dupatta and heavy traditional jewellery while Ranveer coordinated his airport outfit with Deepika in a cream kurta set and a red printed jacket. 

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Earlier at the airport, after exiting the gates, Ranveer was spotted requesting the shutterbugs to back off a little, who appeared to comply. The newlyweds then waved at the cameras hand-in-hand and smiled through the impromptu photo-op session at the airport

Then, Ranveer was photographed escorting the new bride to the car – he opened the car door for Deepika, who took a seat after bidding goodbye to the shutterbugs with folded hands. 

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