Malaika wants to make a body part insurance; Said, after divorce, I am very relaxed

44-year-old Malaika Arora is in the news because of her hotness. Malaika Arora was recently seen on a talk show

The 4-year-old Malaika Arora is in the news because of her hotness. Malaika Arora was recently seen on a talk show. Here he answered questions about his own life. Malaika Arora came to the talk show ‘Fit Up Vide Tha Stars’. Anita Shroff Adjania, host of the show, asked Malai, which part of your body wants to insure? Malaika laughed, laughing that she wants to secure her ass. Malaika is Bollywood’s best known item girl. At present, ‘Hello Halo’ was released on the item number ‘Patka’. The film is being directed by Sanjoy Malhotra and Radhika Madan, and the film is being released on September 28.

Pain caused by two days due to bra
Malaika was prepared by celebrity stylist Anita for some bold photoshoots. Malaika said in a show case at the show that at that time the push-up in India was not found in the bras and only got a strapless bra. Anita then made a tape bra once Malaika was going to show more cliwis during a shootout. Malaika had a lot of time to remove this tape bra after the shoot. Malaika said it took two days to remove the sticky tape bra. It was a lot of pain and it was due to Anita. Then Anita Shroff said, what are the days Was there. While there was no straps bra or push-up bra in the country.

Malaika does not do dating:
Malaika also said in the show that she has never been dating in her life. It’s new to all of these. She has never been dating. He is married to the person he has been dating. Malaika is currently raising her son, Aarhan as the single mother.

Relax: After Divorce
On the life after Divorce, Malika said that she feels much quieter than before and the environment also looks calm around. Malaika said that her husband should have animal lifter, rough and toe look and lots of fun to travel. Not only this, it should be crazy to eat. Talking about the son, Malaika said that she is not as powerful as other moms. He lets his son do whatever he wants to do. He has not made any rules or rules in the house to do this either. That is why Arhana’s friends call him Cool Mom. Of course, Arhan is giving the opium to his mom.

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